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Cherub made us sweat glitter with their naughty groove in their spectacular Free Form tour.

The always horny, never dull, party princes of Cherub got our fluids running Saturday, September 22nd when they made a stop at Baltimore Soundstage for their Free Form Tour. It was a BYOD (Bring Your Own Doses) type of night with a performance that we’ll be having wet dreams over for months to come.

The first time I heard Cherub was back in 2012 at an obscure, dive bar in Guatemala. Their hit song, “Doses and Mimosas,” was playing during after-party hours. As it took control of my body, I started to dance like no one was watching, needless to say, I wasn't the only one. Fast forward to 2018, and I have seen them live a handful of times, with each performance only getting better as they manage to bring out the best (and sometimes the worst) in me.

To the surprise of many, including myself, Cherub decided to launch themselves headfirst into a thirsty audience, opening with arguably the most popular songs they have in their repertoire.  The audience climaxed as they pumped pure gold into our bloodstream with “Doses and Mimosas,” which has 76 million streams on Spotify, followed by “XOXO” from their 2013 album MoM & DaD. "All bets are off," I thought as they literally went “All In” with their next song.

Small rectangular LED panels spread out over the stage stimulated our senses and $5 mimosas where being poured left and right at the bar as the duo composed of Jordan Kelley and Jason Huber started getting freaky—playing “Monogamy” while the crowd chanted to the naughty lyrics.

As we "sweated to the motherfucking groove," Kelley suggested for us to go watch the music video of their next song “Body Language,” which was shot at a strip club in Bangkok, and gives some insight to the duo’s drunk and funky vibe.

What I love most about Cherub is the energy they bring to their performance despite their stacked tour of 43 shows in three months. Even more impressive is that Cherub genuinely wants to party with you; as the concert came to a close, Kelley told the audience that he wanted us all to go party with them to nearest Bar after they kicked us out from Soundstage.

After working through their setlist, composed of 17 songs that you'll be singing in your head for weeks to come, Cherub returned for an encore with “Want That,” “PS GFY>>” and a final remix of “Doses and Mimosas.” The duo stayed after the show and greeted energetic fans at the merch table with big hugs and genuine handshakes.

I can't emphasize enough that if you have never seen Cherub live, you are really missing out. Cherub is what music is really about—having a fucking good time and letting yourself go.

We strongly advise you to try to make it out to one of their upcoming shows, but beware, their highly contagious music will leave you like a fresh, cherry-popped virgin—horny and begging for more.


Doses & Mimosas >>


All In


Freaky Me Freaky You

Body Language


Jazzercise '95

Tonight >>

Strip To This

Dear Body

Dancin' Shoes

Chocolate Strawberries

Hold Me

Very Rare

Disco Shit

Do I


Want That


Doses & Mimosas

Reviewed live by Xavier Dussaq, Photos by Emily Brauner.


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