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Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee

Updated: Sep 22, 2018

Cautious Clay

If music feeds the soul, then Cautious Clay just served the holiest of feasts to a sold-out crowd this past Saturday, May 5th in Washington D.C. The DC9 Nightclub was filled with electric emotion as Clay played from “Blood Type,” his debut EP.

Clay, who attended George Washington University to study jazz saxophone, felt right at home as the crowd showered him with love. The small venue allowed the attendants to be in arms length reach of Clay who responded to the crowd’s zeal with a haiku in the form of a short and illustrative performance.

Clay’s songs speak of the strain and fatigue that go along with dating in the 21st century.  In “Joshua Tree” and “Stolen Moments” his narrative is personal and intimate, describing with witty lyricism, experiences of common man. His voice constructs genuine situations and spins them into feelings that are at the root of human relationships, enabling him to deeply resonate with his audience. What makes Clay’s performance flourish so astonishingly, however, is how far he’s come on his own.

Clay produced every song on “Blood Type” and in doing so, has created a collective of seven songs that transfuse into the listeners bloodstream and infect every individual in the room.

Clay’s music borrows from soul and jazz genres. The raw vibes of his voice, combined with a flawless performance from his bandmates, create a cohesive link between songs.  It makes sense that Clay would make his weapon of choice the saxophone, which he played effortlessly, and as he serenaded the charged crowd, they sang along to most of his songs in drunken bliss.

Closing with his undeniable masterpiece “Cold War,” Cautious Clay reminds us that he’s worked hard to get here, and despite being considered a newcomer, he has heavyweight DNA and is a knockout away from the bright lights.

As people are left begging for more, Clay promises to return with new songs, undoubtedly with another sold out show in an even bigger venue. His artistry is already spreading like wildfire, and his music is bound to stick around and feed us for years to come.


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