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Perpetual Peach Pit State of Mind

With a sold-out performance at DC9 nightclub that scratches the boundaries of reality, Peach Pit proves yet again why they are our uncontended favorite newcomers.

We first saw them knocking it out of the park in 2017 and since then not much has changed, except maybe that like a good wine, they've gotten better with time.

Unbelievably their stage presence and energy has not only grown but their energetic charisma has fans literally screaming of joy. Is not often when you can see a band legitimately hungry to feed their audience.

You better believe Peach Pit will sweat blood to deliver the goods while staying true to their unique 90's swagger. They are not only doing everything by the book but in the process, they tear it into tiny little pieces, toss them in your face and write their own rules as they turn it up in the grooviest way possible, the Peach Pit way.

After a full 365 days since the first time we saw them, all I can say is Peach Pit is here to stay. They have been constantly on repeat ever since that day and as hard as we've burned their music, at this point I'm positive they will never go stale.



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