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Review: Wild Rivers refreshing run through Washington D.C.'s Union Stage.

Updated: Sep 22, 2018

On Thursday night, August 9th, Wild Rivers brought their Toronto folk sound to Union stage in Washington D.C., giving us all a valuable lesson in what concerts should really be about: letting loose and getting lost in the music.

Photos by Meme Fernández

Their lead guitarist, Khalid Yassein, and lead vocalist, Devan Glover, warmly greeted everyone with an introduction before launching into upbeat offerings “Won’t be back” and “Wandering Child.”

The band's bassist, Andrew Oliver, and drummer, Ben Labenski, performed with high energy and radiated nothing but good vibes as they riffed off one another throughout the performance.

Although the band lends itself to slower songs, that didn't slow down the audience as they swayed and cheered along to the music. When the time came for them to perform their sadder songs such as ‘Call it at night,’ they opened up to the audience on what led them to write the song, showing vulnerabilities that only enabled them to resonate more deeply with each other.

During the encore, the band came into the crowd and played as a small circle formed around them. A perfect ending to a show, fitting to Wild Rivers' character of sharing a closeness with their audience.

Overall, Wild Rivers offered a connection with the audience that enabled them to deliver a beautiful show. With their carefree and genuine stage presence, it's hard not to let loose and have a good time right along with them.

Review by: Izzy Ellingsworth


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